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Acura Hubcaps Wheel Covers Information

Acura hubcaps are retained by the lug nuts

 Installation of these hubcaps is a bit more work, but the extra effort is worth the knowledge that you should never under normal circumstances loose one. Acura utilizes a chrome lug nut with a snap on washer. The washer retains the wheel covers to the vehicle through lug holes in the center.


lug nut holes            lug nut holes back

   Lug nut holes                           Lug nut holes rear view

One item of note. If your Acura does not currently have factory Acura wheel covers on it and you wish to add them, be sure the little black washer is present on at least half of the lug nuts for each wheel. The washer snaps into a ridge about halfway down the center of the lug nut. Most Acura's should have these washers, but if yours does not, they will need to be purchased at your Acura dealer. Acura hubcaps will NOT retain on the vehicle without these washers.

Another important item is interchange between different styles.

Acura Integra hubcaps are also somewhat year specific. Look on the Acura Hubcap catalog to see what years a particular hubcap spans. Certain years will interchange and certain years will not. Since rim sizes and configurations change every few years, sometimes there is a problem fitting a different year model on your car. If you want a hubcap from a different year for your car, please contact us. We can advise if an interchange will work.

About Hubcap Heaven and Wheels

There are numerous websites on the net that state " logo not included" or do not show an emblem on the photo of the hubcaps. All of our factory original hubcaps and wheel covers come complete with the Acura logo. Any replica style will be clearly marked in the picture and on the order page. There is nothing wrong with many of the replica's, in fact they can save you money and some of the older Acura hubcaps are very hard to find. But we want you to know exactly what you are getting, no surprises.
For more information such as determining your correct Acura hubcaps size and other question, please visit our FAQ and article page. For further discussion or questions, give us a call at 800-301-5814. As always, we are happy to help.

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